Cell Phone Lockers

Are smartphones killing productivity in the workplace?

By Rachel Nauen | June 29, 2017

Employers are worried about the effect smartphones and other productivity killers have on the workplace. Over half of employers (53 percent) think their company loses between one and two hours of productivity a day because employees are distracted. According to employers, the biggest productivity killers are:

  • Cell phone/texting: 49 percent
  • The Internet: 38 percent
  • Social media: 37 percent
  • Gossip: 35 percent
  • Email: 29 percent
  • Co-workers dropping by: 24 percent
  • Smoke breaks or snack breaks: 25 percent


Digital Distraction In Industrial Settings Causing Accidents

Built-In Combination Locks

Keyless locks by Keyless.Co, LLC provides flexibility for your facility while giving your clients less to carry. The patented master key exchange system allows the master to be updated without removing the lock from a door.

There’s also the option for users to set a new combination each time the lock is used, making this perfect for single-use spaces and eliminating the need to assign a locker to each employee or user.

Even though tons of technology went into this sturdy, keyless lock, it’s battery-free and wireless. There is also an ADA-compatible version, allowing accessibility for all of your patrons while providing a consistent look.


Cell Phone Lockers

Lockers Unlimited is committed to providing safe alternative solutions for companies seeking to maintain a distraction free workplace. Our Cell Phone Lockers have been proven to increase productivity and safety ratings with our customers.

Our lockers come in multiple configurations with ressetable built-in combination locks to provide security for employees storing valuables.


5-Tier Individual Cell Phone Lockers

New Cell Phone lockers for storing employee belongings! Packed individual ready for quick ship $99 each

Height: 60″ (12″ openings)
Depth: 12″
Width: 12″

6-Tier GrAy

Width: 12″
Depth: 15″
Height: 72″
Opening Height: 12″

Comes with 6″ legs $85 per frame space saver. 

5-Tier GRAY

Width: 12″
Depth: 12″
Height: 60″

Perfect for employee storage requirements for factories/office solutions $225 for 3-wide unit